Press Releases and Interviews

Here a list of the most recent press releases about my own research

  • Scientists discover more about the ingredients for star formation (ICRAR/INAF/AAS)
  • Astronomer shed light on different galaxy types (ICRAR/CAASTRO/AAO)
  • Galaxy trailed by stunning plume of gas (ICRAR/INAF)
  • Astronomers see atomic hydrogen emission in galaxies at record breaking distances (RAS/Swinburne/INAF)
  • Astronomers complete cosmic dust census  (RAS/ESA/INAF)
  • Galaxies in groups are running out of fuel (Swinburne)
  • A tail of tails (RAS)
  • Hubble Sees ’Comet Galaxy’ Being Ripped Apart By Galaxy Cluster (HST)
  • Giant filaments give rare insight into galaxy cluster evolution (RAS)

Recently, I have also been a guest in a few SBS-Italy radio programs to discuss recent discoveries in astronomy. If you are interested, check the links below (n.b., sorry they are in Italian).